Eyelets: Small, but Mighty for Your Skates

Skates are made in layers that move and stretch which cause these layers to separate. As a result, eyelets are one of the leading areas you’ll begin to see wear and tear. Meanwhile, the player keeps tying the laces tighter to keep the foot stable.

If the damage goes unnoticed, the hole becomes so stretched that the eyelet itself will turn and fall out or keeping holding on by a small area until it pulls out of the eye row material and rips the skate. You may have experienced this and so you just keep putting the lace through the hole without an eyelet.

A hole without an eyelet cannot support skating movement.

Although, eyelets seem like a small part of your skate, you need strong ones in order to support your ankle. You will simply skate better – stronger strides and turns, and better control.

Now the skate may have been compromised before you even left the store from too much heat while heat fitting! It’s a free service many retail stores provide, but you might better off skipping it. Often, retail stores have no idea the possible damage from improper heating time.

Take a moment and look at your skate. Because let’s face it – when was the last time you physically picked up your skate, checked it over, and knew what to look for?Hockey skates torn eyelets

If you see that any of your eyelets have some damage, here’s a quick tip: keep skates dry! Using a tiny bit of water repellent on the front and back of the eyelet will help to shed the water that rots the material.

Also other players step on your skate in the game. Their skate cuts your lace and then into the eyelet which may result in the eyelets breaking down in chunks. Use a bit of lube or wax to protect; this ricochets other skate blades away from your skate.

While sharpening your skates, we look for proactive ways to help you catch problems in the early stages. We can even quickly stitch the eye row if the hole is still round and replace the eyelet. It’s good to go and pretty inexpensive!

If the eye row is completely torn, we use a few different techniques to get the shape back.

We replace the material one eyelet above and below the torn area to achieve a strong repair. We double up on the material that makes the eye row strong for additional strength and run many stitches in the material to stop it from stretching again.

Hockey Skates Repair EyeletsThe end result is usually stronger than the factory.

You have to remember that quality does not always partner up with price when it comes to skates. And the most expensive skate is the first one to wear out. How would the skate manufactures make any money if your skate lasted you ten or twelve years, right?

That’s why we have been focusing, this winter, on the variety of ways you can take control of your skate maintenance.

Stop in the shop and ask us about some easy, inexpensive things you can do to increase the quality of your skate – your skates will be ready for next season without breaking the bank!

Your Jersey – Done Right

Your team needs new jerseys. You think the best bet is the internet – easy to click, buy, and probably inexpensive, right? Here’s a secret: when internet prices are beating out local retailers, there is usually a good reason – and it’s not good for you.

A lot of detail goes into purchasing a quality, affordable jersey:

  • Correct spelling, logo, and art work. Will you be able to easily contact the internet company if there is a problem?
  • What are the hidden costs? Shipping and handling? Often, these are not mentioned until after you’ve spent a lot of time picking out the exact colors, font, style, etc.

At Done Right Sports, we make it easy to buy your new jerseys and we make it honest – no hidden fees or agenda.

Whether you are looking for a simple, cost effective jersey for a weekend tournament or the latest and greatest with bags, pant shells, and track suite to match – we have it all.

We customize to fit your needs and that magic word – your budget.

Often you are in a rush and without a designed logo (this happens for new teams, especially). The internet quote (and some retail stores) is based on the presumption that you have it together – not if you need design help. Enter a hidden cost!

If you don’t have art work – no problem! We offer simple solutions – team name on front of jersey instead of designed crest – that are more cost effective. And if you do have art work, we will keep a file for you for future reference.

And the best part is – we email you an exact proof showing you what your new team jersey will look like!


We also assign one person on our team for your order. These services help ensure little to no error for final product and allows the clients to make changes, if needed. It’s a great tool for both sides and something you truly won’t find anywhere else.Hockey Jersey Custom Orders

And we are able to fix and mend jerseys – on site.

Rarely is a company able to offer as many services, but we value buying local and the customer service and quality that comes with it.

We have the skills and machinery to sew numbers, crests, and presses for the thermo numbers, as well as pressed-on-crests. And if it’s something we can’t do on site – like embroidery – we explain exactly where and how we send it out.

We are with you from start to finish.

From deciding supplier to which jersey model fits your budget. For example, we will easily tell you which kind of cresting stills look great without breaking the bank.

We have yet to disappoint a team and we hope to keep that record!

Your jersey is the core of your team – how you present yourself, as well as signifying confidence and unity. We love being apart of it. If you don’t look good, we don’t look good. That’s our mission – our guarantee to you and your team.

Putting the Pro in Profile

Profiling skates – you either consider it a luxury or a necessity. And in some cases, you may think it’s a bad idea due to the original profiling process. Last month, we talked a little about the benefits of profiling when done properly.

We truly believe that a good profile can be one of the best things you can do to improve your performance on the ice.

If you have purchased a new pair of skates or a new set of blades, your skating may have changed. You may feel frustrated that your skating seems worse. Sound familiar?

The best thing is to choose an expert to help decide what is best for you. In our shop, we pride ourselves on looking at all the details, focusing on the customer’s individual needs, and taking quality time.

A customer may come in experiencing the following things:

  • Stiffness with the new steel.
  • Old blade was so worn out, and so there is trouble adapting to the new one.
  • Experiencing difficulty turning, skating backwards, and slow starts, to name a few.

skate-sharpener-webEvery skate blade has a profile and it can be a tricky thing. Between 1960-1980 the process was called “rockering.” During this time, profiling involved ripping a bit off of the toes and heels to allow for a shorter skating surface. It worked but, ultimately, became unstable very quickly because the smaller circle you begin with, the shorter the life of your blade. In no time, you are back at square one needing new steel. Thus, the birth of profiling’s bad rap.

Proper profiling does not take off any metal from the toe or the heel. It changes the middle of the skate. Also, a little secret: there is no advantage to taking the toe and heel down as this part of the skate goes the ice. Putting a shim or riser under the heel only tips your body forward, and your blades are still too flat.

But, at our shop, we choose a profile that is suited to your body type, position, and skills while considering the changes you are enduring.

Often, if you have just purchased a new skate, changed to a different brand, or jumped from an old leather model to the new designs you will feel like a two-year old on the ice. Never fear because we can also fix this. You are simply not used to the forward lean, new design, and the blade is long and flat.

The biggest problem is that profiling is truly an art that many shops do not understand and are, therefore, unable to make the right choice for the skater. We also keep records of your skate and profile, so we can re profile if you have gone somewhere else, or get a new skate.

Remember that your skate and blade are the only tools you have.

You will skate as well on a cheaper model with a good fit, proper profile, and sharpening than you will with an expensive pair that does not have a proper profile to suit you. This is especially true for those who are learning to skate and children. Many clients will say, “Oh, he is little. He does not know the difference.” Profiling is most important for children as they begin to explore how they move on the ice – proper form, balance, and developing strong support.

There are a few other things that a custom profile will help with, as well. To hear those bits of magic, you will have to come by and talk with us. We can’t give away all of our secrets. But we can promise that when you stop in to the shop we will be ready and happy to measure your profile and help you decide what is best for you.

Our goal is to make your time on the ice as smooth as possible.

Good for the Sole, Even Better for Your Wallet

Skates are not made to last these days. Period. You purchase a new skate in hopes that it will feel somewhat like your old one, but this is rarely the case. In some cases, you have to put them in an oven before you are even able to tell how they feel. But the very process of heat fitting can be the culprit of separated soles, in addition to premature break down, if not heated properly.

The other culprit is moisture. Often, young hockey players are gearing up for the next game as soon as the last one has finished, leaving little drying time between ice times. Eventually, (and it doesn’t take long) your skates will break down.

Also, you are up against an industry that wants you to take the easy road and purchase a brand new pair of skates.

So what happens when you have loose soles?

  • Your skating is heavily impacted.
  • Your blade and holder begin to bend and possibly break.
  • Ruining the foundation needed to have a proper fit and effective skate on the ice.

You need a solid foundation and the best solution is preventative care, not a brand new skate. And it’s not as hard as it may seem.

We suggest buying your skate to fit properly as an ill-fitting skate will fall apart more quickly than one that fits well. Also, be sure to keep them dry. Simply drying your skates every time you wear them will already better ensure a longer lasting skate.

Hockey Skates Delaminated Sole

But, if you have delaminated soles, what can you do? Well, we often run across skates with soles that are separated from the boot, and even in these cases, the problem is repairable in most models. Again, not something the industry wants you to debunk.

This process takes a few days. It is most important that you remove your foot bed and let your skate air out before bringing them in for a repair.

When the skate is dry, we do the following to ensure you salvage that solid foundation:

  • Remove the housing and blade from the skate.
  • The outsole is removed, cleaned, and sanded; the same is done to the bottom insole of the skate.
  • The skate and outsole are coated with glue, and placed in a press overnight so that the glue cures.

Once our checklist is complete, we make sure there is a strong bond between the two soles. 
We also make sure to clean any over lapping glue and remount (rivet) the blade and holder back on to the boot.

This process produces excellent results and the skate is good as new.

Remember that today’s manufacturing process bets that you are not going to take care of your equipment. They further bet that this problem might not be repairable. Good for them – not so good for you. We’ll also let you in on a little secret: there is no substantial warranty for this problem. When you figure out that you have it, the warranty is over.

So search us out. Our shop is very observant and we will be sure to properly advise you on whatever you need to keep your skates working and effective without causing you to break the bank or frivolously spend. That is the purpose of a good service shop. And that’s what we guarantee.

The Unique Benefits of Sani Sport

Ever been the person who is standing in a room wondering what that smell was only to realize it’s you? It’s your skate—your equipment.

Sani Sport SanitizerWell, we hear this a lot. Of course, customers do not want their equipment to have “that” smell, but it’s inevitable, even for the average athlete. 

And even if the smell is not the biggest factor, many people struggle with how to properly clean their equipment. Most people use water and some sort of cleaning agent hoping this will do the trick. This takes up a lot of time and energy, and…it doesn’t really work.

Here’s why: Not many people realize, beyond the not-so-pleasant smell of their sports equipment, a lot of harmful bacteria lives on the equipment that can be dangerous, if not treated.

Sports equipment is the ideal place for bacteria to set-up shop.

MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus for those of you who want to get technical) is a dangerous bacterium that has impacted many NHL and NFL players in recent years.

Players have been hospitalized, and even worse, lost limbs to this harmful bacteria.

So, what can you do?

In our shop, we use a Sani Sport Machine to clean equipment. This is a pretty special process because it doesn’t use water to clean, but rather ozone: A natural gas with strong oxidizing properties. Ozone cleans without changing the look or feel of your equipment and killing 99% of the harmful stuff. 

The best part is the machine can fit an entire bag of equipment – even your mouth guard!

We recommend regular sanitization for athletes. Even if you are using your equipment once a week, it is worth sanitizing. It’s easy, inexpensive, and convenient. Not only will you finally rid your equipment of “that” smell, but you will also be taking the best precaution against any harmful bacteria impacting your game, and your life.

Stop into the shop and check it out! Feel free to ask us any questions.

Remember, we are all about you putting your best (and cleanest) skate forward.

3 Tips for Putting Your Best Skate Forward

“Can you stretch the skate?” We get this question a lot. Often, customers are convinced a blister or discomfort is caused by the skate’s ill fit. But this is not always the case…

Each person has different feet—a different arch, walk, stride, and so a skate will never be the same on two people.

Therefore, we strive to look at each of our customers in a unique way—tailoring the skate to their foot.

In short, we make it your skate.

Recently, a man came into the shop because he had a blister on the inside of his arch. He, like many others, asked for the skate to be stretched.

Immediately, we knew what the issue was. Although, we are no podiatrists, we have been in this business for over 30 years and have seen many skaters enter the shop with similar issues.

The good news is we can make it work. Even better news: You rarely need a brand new skate.

Here’s a peek into how we tackled this problem:

  1. Individual foot of the customer
  2. Fit of the skate
  3. Profile

How do they walk? What’s going on in the foot, leg, and ankle that may be contributing to the pain? From here, we can best make changes that will benefit each person.

A blister on the inside arch usually indicates pronation or in laymen terms: The foot is rolling inward as the heel strikes the ground. He was also suffering from shin splints. Any “room” in the skate can amplify this problem. (An inside secret: A blister identifies a different problem than a bunion, for example. So right away the injury is always a clue, my dear Watson.)

In general, we can use a multitude of support and pad aids to stabilize the foot and increase ankle support, impacting the comfort and fit of the skate.

Finally, we addressed the profile. Profiling grinds and shapes the blade for a specific skating style. For this customer, we looked to see if the blade is long and flat, as it should be in a speed skate. Most skates come with a generic profile that may not be right for your style and stance.

Profile Skates

Without getting too scientific, profiling maximizes your skating potential. Period.

Correct, custom profiling has numerous benefits, including:

  • Improved balanced
  • Sharper turns
  • Faster takeoffs
  • Reduced fatigue
  • Decreased injuries

At our shop, we have over 30 years of experience sharpening skates. There is simply no better place to ensure a correct profile.

It is all about proper body balance.

We also keep a record of every profile that we do, as well as the skate model and brand of the blade. Keeping this information allows us to duplicate the profile again if you buy brand new skates, saving you time and energy. Also, the record gives your skate a history in case you receive a poor job elsewhere; we can always go back and properly fix the blade.

After addressing all three of these issues, we are confident this customer will begin to find relief and be back out on the ice.

If you are having problems with the fit of your skates, begin to address the points we discussed, or better yet, bring it into the shop and let us figure it out with you.

Contact us today and put your best skate forward.