Is replacing my hockey skate blades cost effective?
Some recreational and children’s models are not economical to replace. It is cost effective to replace the blades on hockey skates without boot constructional problems. Be sure to care for your blades by wiping the moisture from them after ice times. Stand your skates on end to allow water to run off the blades. Use experience skate sharpening services to increase the life of your blade.

Can I maximize my skating ability?
Yes. Begin with a skate that fits you properly. Purchase from a dealer with experience staff. Try on a variety of skates to be sure you select the right one for you. Skates should lace up evenly from toe to top. Be sure to select the correct length and width for your foot.
The skates manufacturing today are very different each year. You may have your sights set on a particular model. Unforntunatly this model just does not aways fit your foot type.
If you do not feel comfortable on your skates after a few ice times, consider a custom radius. This can improve your strides, turning and balance.

What can I do to avoid replacing rivets?
To avoid rust forming and weakening rivets, pull your foot bed out after each ice time.

How do I get rid of the odor in my equipment?
Airing out equipment is the best way to keep it smelling fresh. Wash it occasionally and  maintain the freshness with the Ozone sanitizing machine available at Done Right Sports.

How can I relieve the pain of lace bite?
Lace bite should never be ignored. It is often caused by ill fitting skates and minor to major foot problems. Consider temporarily returning to your old skates and ice the area to reduce inflammation. Stop skating if possible and take the time to discuss lace bite with an experience person such as the staff at Done Right Sports.

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