Baseball Equipment Repairs

Is your ball glove worth saving?

Repairing ball gloves is an art. After over thirty years of experience, there is nothing the staff at Done Right Sports won’t do to save your old favorite. Many gloves just need fingers, pocket and wrap relaced, but Done Right Sport’s staff can take on anything you throw at them. Many ball players hate to give up their old favourite, but don’t realize what can be done.

Baseball Gloves and Catcher’s Mitts: New lace, pocket replacment, stitching, new felt padding, etc.

Bats: Regrip bats with Tacki mac sleeves

Helmets: Hardware, chin and ear straps and snaps.

Catcher’s Masks: Sewing to padding, snaps, elastic and buckles.

Chest Protectors: Replace straps, rivets and stitching

Bases: Recover, quality replacement straps for all sizes

Shin Guards: Replace straps, stitching and poly replacement parts.

Shoes: Pitching toe alternatives

Our promise is to offer only quality materials and exceptional service to our customers.