• Sprinkle Odor Eater’s foot powder on your hockey gloves, skates, shoulder pads, shin guards, etc. after every game to kill odor. Foot powder has an antibacterial agent that destroys the odor causing bacteria.
  • Cover your blades with blade jackets. It will help draw the moisture off of your blades, as well as protect your bag from skate cuts.
  • Use plastic skate guards to walk from the dressing room to the arena to protect your edge. The black mats are dirty and are abrasive to your edges. Do not store your skate wet in this style of guards. It promotes rust. Use a glide product available at Done Right to keep rust off of your blades.
  • Use a lesser hollow grind to allow more glide on the ice. It is not for everyone but we encourage our clients to try all types of grinds to see what works best for them. Every body type and skater are different.
  • Pull up your insoles and store your skates with the toes in the air. This will draw the moisture from the rivets, preventing rusting.
  • If you want to remove rust from your blades, try steel wool. Remember, only try this when you need to have your skates sharpened. The steel wool will remove your edge.
  • Use peroxide to remove blood from equipment. Rinse when finished.
  • Often those who are very fussy about their skate sharpening will order a second pair of blades. Carry a spare pair and change them yourself.  Done Right is able to sharpen your blades without being in the blade holder.
  • Put soap on the zipper teeth of your bag and any outdoor equipment. This keeps the zipper slide running smooth on teeth and it does not collect dirt. Wipe it down once a year and reapply soap.
  • Two-side hockey tape eliminates the need for stick wax. Tape available at Done Right Sports.
  • Hand sanitizer cleans goal equipment. Use it along with a soft a abrasive such as pad aid. Wipe of the dirt with a dry cloth.

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