Your Jersey – Done Right

Your team needs new jerseys. You think the best bet is the internet – easy to click, buy, and probably inexpensive, right? Here’s a secret: when internet prices are beating out local retailers, there is usually a good reason – and it’s not good for you.

A lot of detail goes into purchasing a quality, affordable jersey:

  • Correct spelling, logo, and art work. Will you be able to easily contact the internet company if there is a problem?
  • What are the hidden costs? Shipping and handling? Often, these are not mentioned until after you’ve spent a lot of time picking out the exact colors, font, style, etc.

At Done Right Sports, we make it easy to buy your new jerseys and we make it honest – no hidden fees or agenda.

Whether you are looking for a simple, cost effective jersey for a weekend tournament or the latest and greatest with bags, pant shells, and track suite to match – we have it all.

We customize to fit your needs and that magic word – your budget.

Often you are in a rush and without a designed logo (this happens for new teams, especially). The internet quote (and some retail stores) is based on the presumption that you have it together – not if you need design help. Enter a hidden cost!

If you don’t have art work – no problem! We offer simple solutions – team name on front of jersey instead of designed crest – that are more cost effective. And if you do have art work, we will keep a file for you for future reference.

And the best part is – we email you an exact proof showing you what your new team jersey will look like!


We also assign one person on our team for your order. These services help ensure little to no error for final product and allows the clients to make changes, if needed. It’s a great tool for both sides and something you truly won’t find anywhere else.Hockey Jersey Custom Orders

And we are able to fix and mend jerseys – on site.

Rarely is a company able to offer as many services, but we value buying local and the customer service and quality that comes with it.

We have the skills and machinery to sew numbers, crests, and presses for the thermo numbers, as well as pressed-on-crests. And if it’s something we can’t do on site – like embroidery – we explain exactly where and how we send it out.

We are with you from start to finish.

From deciding supplier to which jersey model fits your budget. For example, we will easily tell you which kind of cresting stills look great without breaking the bank.

We have yet to disappoint a team and we hope to keep that record!

Your jersey is the core of your team – how you present yourself, as well as signifying confidence and unity. We love being apart of it. If you don’t look good, we don’t look good. That’s our mission – our guarantee to you and your team.